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WBCoLOR (WEST BENGAL COLLEGE LIBRARIES' ONLINE RESOURCES) is intended to build a collaborative, centralized database of online learning resources on the subjects/topics taught in the CBCS syllabus followed in different undergraduate Govt./Govt. aided colleges of West Bengal. This database is built for non-commercial, educational and research purposes.

Background: During COVID -19 pandemic the physical access to different college and college libraries are suspended for a long time. Each college of West Bengal is running its teaching learning process in online mode according to different guidelines provided by mother Universities as well as U.G.C. guidelines. In this situation college libraries are facing challenges to meet up the requirements of study materials that can support teaching learning process. Now due to the restrictions in the physical access to the documents, the e-version of printed material i.e. – e-resources are highly demanded by the user’s community. Every college library of West Bengal is trying to meet up these demands and cater the required information through different online modes, i.e., through e-mail, WhatsApp group, Facebook page, telegram group of libraries and through library website, blogs, YouTube channel etc. But still the individual effort can not meet all the requirements of the users at once and it produces many duplications of work. Besides, there are many constraints to disseminate information through online mode faced by different libraries. Those are- lack of infrastructure, storage space, server, manpower, lack of funds, technical expertise etc. Therefore, to overcome all these constraints creation of a collaborative centralised database of e-resources which covers e-books, e- contents, audio/video lectures and related matters according to topics covered in CBCS syllabus followed by different undergraduate colleges affiliated by different universities of West Bengal.

Member Body

Lets meet our Members.

Technical Group Admin - Dr. Mala Aditya & Mr. Pulak Ranjan Naskar

Welcome to WBCoLOR database which is the gift from the West Bengal College Librarians to their dear students. It will help the students to fetch their required resources , question papers according to their course, syllabus and semester. WBCoLOR will add colors to students' life by guiding them towards right learning resources at the right time.

Syllabus Review Group Admin - Dr. Joydip Chandra & Dr. Avijit Chakraborty

Welcome to WBCoLOR

Database Checking Group Admin - Dr. Atanu Das & Smt. Anindita Basu

Welcome to WBCoLOR

Communication Group Admin Dr. Sonali Dapsi

Welcome to WBCoLOR

Documentation Group Admin - Smt. Koel Sengupta

Welcome to WBCoLOR! We hope for a successful journey with you, full of learning experiences. Search, read and enjoy.

Accounts Head Admin - Dr. Atanu Das & Mr. Satyabrata Sahoo

Welcome to WBCoLOR

Website Update Admin- Mr. Puluk Ranjan Naskar and Ms. Priyanka khuntia

Welcome to WBCoLOR

Communication Group Admin (Ex) Our beloved Smt. Jhumur Bhunia

Librarian (Ex) - Naba Barrackpur Prafulla Chandra Mahavidyalaya.

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